About us

We have been enhancing personal and company images and providing unique personalized  products since 1992. 

We began as awards supplier, and have continued to expand our business through our intense dedication to providing a wide selection of top quality products, expertly designed and personalized to our customers’ specifications.  We use cutting edge laser engraving, sand etching and full color sublimation processes in order to deliver crisp, sharp images, not fuzzy, scratchy engraving.   

Our business has expanded to include all varieties of industries, and we continue to provide the ultimate in recognition and celebration products.  We have expanded to include full color recognition and gift items, unique and personalized cutting boards , photo frames, glassware and wine bottle etching, as well as custom “signature” items that deliver products beyond out customers’ expectations, and sometimes even beyond their imagination.

Let us incorporate your “image”, whether a company logo or your personal signature, into your presentation.  If it can be scanned, we can incorporate it into your product. 

Because every product we create is custom for our client, we are your best choice for that special presentation or gift.  So, say what YOU want to say, not what the assembly line awards / gift company wants you to say.  

Further, we provide a level of service that is second to none.  We want to eliminate the hassle for you of going from place to place each time you need something. We strive to be your “one stop shop” for every reason, every occasion!  Whether it’s for corporate recognition, sports trophies, or personal gift giving, we can help!!   

Make your gift “Always the Best Gift“.

Call us first, we make impressions that last! 

What people say

Blow Your Recipients Away With Always The Best Gift

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Quality work, quality product at a reasonable price! They worked with me to make sure the custom design I requested came out looking exactly as I wanted. This item was a gift for a departing colleague and I’ve already recieved a number of requests from other employees looking to get one of their own.

Ted / Etsy

Really impressed with both the product and the service. I had a ton of questions because my order was fairly large and specific. They worked with me on all of it and kept me in the loop throughout the creation process. Could not speak more highly of the store or the product… both were incredible. I plan to buy more of these in the future.

J Michael Davis / Etsy

I requested a custom design based on the ancestral Scottish Clan my husband is descended from… and they didn’t disappoint! Fred was even able to include the clan’s crest that visually works so well with my husband’s last name and the clan’s name at the bottom. Highly recommend for anniversary/birthday/Christmas gifts! Well worth it.

Christina / Etsy