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Hand Made Quality

While we do use cutting edge technology in the making of your gifts, everything is ultimately created by hand.  As such, there will be inconsistencies in design, sand carving, wood finishing.  Also note that glass and wood, as natural items will contain natural flaws, bubbles and inconsistencies from product to product.

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Cutting Boards and Hardwood Coasters

Our hard wood cutting Boards and Coasters are made by us, primarily from hard maple, walnut and cherry.  We add accents with exotic woods including Padauk, Yellow Heart, Leopard Spots, Bubinga, , Wenge and Purple Heart. They are designed and created as functional art, not intended for commercial heavy duty use.

These woods are more porous than some of the domestic woods like Maple and therefore require more care. Use the board conditioner frequently to keep the board as water resistant as possible, and to avoid splintering when dried out.

These exotic colorful creations every piece of wood has a “freshly-cut” color, and also a “settled-in” color. Most will mature and change over time. Woods tend to get darker. You can extend the colorfulness of these woods by keeping several coats of finish on them to block out as much air/vapor as possible, and keep the wood out of direct sunlight and out of areas of high light. (UV light tends to shift the color of certain woods.)

*NOTE: Wood is a natural resource and has variances – therefore, the cutting board you receive may vary in color, texture, and grain, than from the pictures shown. Wood characteristics naturally occurring such as variations in color, grain, mineral streaks, pinholes and knots are not considered defects but part of the natural beauty of the product.

All of our wood products highlight the intricate variations in grains, colors and mineral streaks naturally produced by Mother Nature. A laser engraver creates the dark, beautiful contrast and details to complete the product. Once sanded and engraved, we coat our products with food-grade mineral oil and one hand applied coat of our specially formulated cutting board conditioner to give the natural wood and grain additional luster and protection.



Edge Grain vs. End Grain

All cutting boards are not the same. 

Edge grain cutting boards are made from strips of hard woods. They are recognized for their durability and lower price, but they tend to dull your knives faster than end grain cutting boards. After prolonged usage, the wood cutting board will have cut marks, damaging the aesthetics of the board. However, this can be prevented by applying a wax conditioner on a regular basis.  

End grain cutting boards are made from end pieces of wood. It usually comes in a checkerboard pattern, a common characteristic. While these types of wood cutting board are a bit more expensive, some people deem it worthy, as it is better for your knives. End grain cutting boards have a “self-healing” factor, as the fibers close up after they have been cut by the knife.

Think of the wood fibers like bristles on a brush. Edge Grain is like the brush is lying left to right, and you’re chopping those fibers in half. End Grain is like the bristles facing up, you’re actually cutting between the wood fibers, keeping the board sharper longer and making it easier to clean and thus more sanitary.

Both types of cutting boards and blocks are sanitary and long-lasting when hand-washed and dried after every use and regularly conditioned.

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